I live in McKinney, Texas and I am a professor in the Web Design and Interactive Media program at The Art Institute of Dallas. I am also working on my dissertation for a doctorate in Instruction Design for Online Learning through Capella University. My research is focused on social software tools and their potential for developing self-directed learning skills. The world has changed and is changing at a rapid rate and most careers will be radically different from today, therefore the processes of learning are significantly more vital than just domain content.

I am interested in the Connectivism course to further my experience with the principles of connectivism and to further strengthen my role as a facilitator in the fast moving interactive media domain. Both George and Stephen have provided a lot of the connections that have given me new ideas and practices and I would not miss another opportunity to experience the group coming together to explore our next steps in the process.

To be a successful course for me, would mean engaging in conversations with participants, sharing my current course designs and being open to expanding my understanding of how to further engage my students and the stakeholders of our college systems. It also will depend on my choosing to be reflective with course content and to be open to others feedback and new ideas.

I am a web developer focused on web standards and semantic web construction. There is no end to the possibilities of this medium and its evolution to bring humanity together. I choose to help others develop skills in this arena as I feel the world needs strong, well-grounded designers who will touch us with their ideals and their connectiveness to the global community.

I became a self-directed learner when in grad school and discovered the global community of bloggers who became the most important ecology for my studies. I have experienced the vital role of network connections in my personal growth and knowledge as a learning facilitator. The process of learning design is dynamic for me because of these experiences. The static rules of ID have been replaced with the more open framework of small pieces loosely joined.


One Response to “About”

  1. Antonio Fini Says:

    Dear CCK08 mate,
    First of all, I apologize for bothering you…
    As I announced on the CCK08 course wiki, I would like to conduct a research on the wide range of tools used during the course, how/for what they have been used and their relations with the users outcomes.
    I’m now trying to gather data from the CCK08 attendees and so, If you (also partially) attended the CCK08 course and …have some time :-), would you please take the survey posted here (http://www.lte-unifi.net/phpsurveyor/index.php?sid=5)?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.

    Antonio Fini
    Educational Technology Lab
    University of Florence

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