On Teaching via Connectivism

I have been mostly lurking this week due to other responsibilities but find the course and the community fascinating and exciting! I am using connectivist principles in my teaching (college level) and would like to find others in this large community that are also currently designing courses and experiencing the process through teaching. I am totally open to how such a group can form, but if you are interested a comment here and link to your connection should get us started.

The discussion(s) about whether connectivism is a theory or not are interesting. I don’t sense a need to debate the issue although it is stimulating intellectual stuff. There are obvious philosophical and theoretical aspects to connectivism (in my opinion), but I am more concerned to develop practice with the concepts and what they mean in today’s complex learning environment. My experiences with my classes has helped me to facilitate a far reaching engagement among students as I see them becoming more self-directed and excited about their progress in learning how to learn. They are trying to be collaborative, though it is not a natural process for many (not everyone is a (digital native!) and they have to learn the skills of collaboration. As they begin to receive comments from outside our school and class community they suddenly realize there is more to learning than they thought, and this seems to get them charged up and moving positively.

I would like to share specific design as well as classroom experiences if others are interesting in sharing the same!


3 Responses to “On Teaching via Connectivism”

  1. Fleep Tuque Says:

    Hi there, just wanted to echo your thoughts – I’ve found the deep philosophical “what is a theory” conversations interesting, and while I definitely want to develop a deeper understanding of the theoretical components of Connectivism, I’m looking for practical application so I can try it out and see for myself whether or not the theory works. Will look forward to reading more of your thoughts moving forward! =)

  2. Mike Bogle Says:

    Hi There, I second that sentiment (or perhaps third it). I enjoy the intellectual stimulation of the “is it or isn’t it” a learning theory (or is it rather a theory of knowledge instead), but my primary focus is on how to use it practically.

    I’m quite comfortable in learning this way (and have been for some time now); but as you said, not everyone is a Digital Native. In fact some people would hate to learn this way. So from an institutional or course perspective, how would we begin to enable students to capitalise on the opportunities of this learning model when desired, while continuing to maintain the existing more structured opportunities for those who don’t want to follow this path.

    If we’re to look at learning in a holistic sense there’s no issues for me – I think this is a fantastic model – but barring a system wide paradigm shift across higher education I think we’ll need to think practically in the short term 🙂

    I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed BTW – looking forward to reading more of your thoughts.



  3. Sarah Stewart Says:

    I’m another one of people more interested in the application, although I recognise the importance of the theory. I am teaching an online course starting tomorrow and plan to evaluate it’s design compared to what I learn in the next few weeks. I am also studying a design course as a student so all the activities should feed into each other. At the moment, I feel my head is about to explode! 🙂

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